We are now offering a weekday membership which includes discounts on food and beverage, lessons, and additional simulator time. Here are the details…

$250 per month (cancel anytime) or $1000 for the season (season goes from 11/1/22-4/30/23)

  • Gives you 60 minutes of simulator time per day during non-peak hours. Non-peak hours for this membership are Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm
  • 10% off simulator time during peak times and time used past beyond 60 minutes during non-peak times
  • 10% off food and beverages offered by NexGen not outside vendors
  • 10% off lessons

Fine print

  • Cannot be used toward any league fees or tournaments and discounts do not apply to these fees.
  • Guests will be charged $15 per person during the first hour then any extra hours can be split, and guests will enjoy the 10% discount
  • Membership is nontransferable and can only be used by member card holder. Violation will result in membership cancellation without refund for given month.
  • Memberships are month to month. Membership will automatically be renewed for following month unless member gives one week notice to cancel

There will be a limited number of memberships available. To sign up stop in to our Latham location, however you may use the membership at both locations. Contact us with any questions.