EVO 360 Performance System


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To inspire, innovate and enable our students to become better.


To be distinctive, authentic & connected to our students.

The EVO 360 Performance System is a complete system designed to help golfers of all levels and abilities improve their golf games.

Golf and golf instruction can seem very complex. One of our main goals is to make it more functional and simpler. As the instructors, it is our job to understand the complexities of the game and relate them to the student in an easy, functional manner.


Building Blocks


Show us what you got

We observe the TZ zones of the swing

We collect ball, club and swing data

We utilize video and swing analysis software



Physical – Biomechanical – Behavioral

Principles are know truths, and truths are what we deal in.

Physical – gravity, D-plane, ball flight, ground force, reaction, swing plane

Biomechanical – 3D motion, authentic drivers, chain reactions, mostability

Behavioral – course management, challenge point learning



Actions & Techniques

After analyzing your game, the next step is to implement the actions and techniques that will lead to improvement. We will put you in the proper environments and beginning positions for success and to drive improvement.

Unique & Personalized

Every person is unique in their abilities and functions. Every student’s training is personalized and unique to their abilities. We make sure to customize the motions and learning drills to produce the proper amount of improvement.

Authentic Golf Drivers

You have come to us to play better golf and that is what we will set out to do. All the motions and training that we do will be authentic to golf and utilize drivers that best simulate a golf action.

Strategy & Form


Beginning Position

Driver Action


Ending Position


Once we have created a change with a student, the next step is to test that new motion. Whether the goal is to simply make contact, hit a particular shot, improve club head speed or score better, we will assess and test the improvement. Using our data capture systems, video analysis and the full power of the HD Golf simulators to put you in the proper environment to test your game.

HD Golf Simulator Capabilities

Closest to pin challenge

Long drive challenge

Ability to quickly play any hole on any of the 28 courses

Skills challenges

Play 3, 6, 9, or 18 holes

Are you ready to play your best?


Swing Building – work on your technique and principles of the swing

Wedge Game – learn to control your wedge in the scoring zones

Short Game – improve putting and chipping techniques

NG 360 – Better yourself to better your game